Cali’s Best CBD for PAIN


* Hemp Oil Extract Isolate – CBD

* Each capsule contains 25mg of the best CBD for pain

* Plus over 200 mg of oil per capsule, including natural hemp oil for pain and optimized terpenes for The Entourage Effect

* Zero THC, no psychoactive ‘high’

  • Cal’s Best Daily offers a precise 25 mg of CBD hemp oil for pain per capsule, plus compounds, terpenes, and organic coconut oil in a veggie capsule.
  • CBD is more powerful when combined with the other organic compounds in hemp – specifically, terpenes.
  • Cali’s Best Daily has developed a proprietary process and an optimized mix of health-promoting natural compounds in hemp oil.
  • Organic Hemp is refined into concentrated oil while preserving the original natural terpenes to the optimum levels.
  • The result is the most comprehensive and effective hemp oil for pain relief available.

* All natural, vegetarian, including organic, extra virgin coconut oil with numerous health benefits

* Tested a twice for purity and concentration