Hello! My boyfriend Paul recently got the CBD 25mg capsules and honestly I slept the best I have in the past year! I was hit by a vehicle while I was walking across a street about a year ago. I’m lucky to be alive! But I had lots of serious injuries all over my body and I was on pain meds for a good 6 months until I finally just stopped taking them since I could feel how addicted I was becoming to them. CBD has been the next best thing! And has helped me a lot! I’ve had all different types of the CBD products from different companies but what was best about the capsules from Cali’s Best CBD is the concentrated amount seemed to last longer than a tincture would. I actually got good sleep and this has been a major issue for me since the accident!! I also referred your product to my grandma who just had hip replacement surgery and she said she really notices a difference with her pain when she takes the capsules! Thanks so much for the free samples! I certainly can’t wait to purchase more!

Layla J.