CBD, or more formally cannabidiol, is one of many compounds known as cannabinoids found in both hemp and cannabis.  Cannabinoids act on our endocannabinoid system to affect our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.  The endocannabinoid system includes cannabinoid receptors found in our immune system, organs and central nervous system.  Cannabinoids act on these receptors, emulating and enhancing the actions of our body. In this way, hemp oil capsules benefits include the regulation and action of many body functions, including physiological and cognitive processes, mood, pain-sensation, memory appetite, immune response and more.

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Terpenes are compounds prevalent in all plants.  There are hundreds of terpenes in hemp, for example.  Terpenes are responsible for the smell and taste of plants.  There is a natural synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids known as the Entourage Effect. Organic hemp oil extract contains CBD, isolate hemp extract, that has different effects with different terpene combinations.  The formulas differ for the best hemp extract for pain compared to the best CBD for sleep.

The best hemp oil extract benefits are found with the right terpenes in specific quantities and proportions combined with the best CBD for pain dosage, CBD for anxiety dosage, CBD for sleep dosage and CBD for general health, anxiety and depression. Organic hemp oil extract is great, and is made better by the right terpenes in the right formulations.

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